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simple removable replacement wired notebook


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color: Softlight Pink A5

  • Softlight Pink A5
  • Softlight Blue A5
  • Softlight Solid A5
  • Softlight Yellow A5
  • Softlight Pink B5
  • Softlight Blue B5
  • Softlight Solid B5
  • Softlight Yellow B5
  • Softlight Blue A4
  • Softlight Solid A4
  • Softlight Pink A4
  • Softlight Yellow A4
  • Lightcolor Blue A5
  • Lightcolor Yellow A5
  • Lightcolor Pink A5
  • Lightcolor Solid A5
  • Lightcolor Blue B5
  • Lightcolor Pink B5
  • Lightcolor Yellow B5
  • Lightcolor Solid B5
  • Lightcolor Blue A4
  • Lightcolor Yellow A4
  • Lightcolor Solid A4
  • Lightcolor Pink A4
  • Lattice Yellow-Purple A5
  • Lattice Blue-Red A5
  • Lattice Grey A5
  • Lattice Blue-Green A5
  • Lattice Yellow-Purple B5
  • Lattice Grey B5
  • Lattice Blue-Green B5
  • Lattice Blue-Red B5
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  • Type: Wired Notebook
  • Cover material: frosted PP
  • Size: (A5:22.5cm X 18cm  /  B5 : 27cm X 21.5cm / A4 : 31.1cm X 25cm)
  • Inner material: imported original paper(With 40 pages of imported original paper)
  • Leading: 8 mm
  • Loose leaf hole:1. Softlight series  (A5:8  / B5 :8  / A4:8   )
  •                             2. Lightcolor series  (A5:20 / B5:26 / A4:30)                                
  •                             3. Lattice series( A5:20  / B5 :26)
  • 5 color index pages are attached
  • Spiral binder, PVC plastic inner clip
  • Attached label bar
  • Binding: binder binding
  • For: student /white-collar
  • Cute/Simple style
  • 1 PC For 1 PAC

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