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cartoon picture printed gummed crystal softcover notebook


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type: Oil In-1

  • Oil In-1
  • Oil In-2
  • Oil In-3
  • Oil In-4
  • Oil In-5
  • Oil In-6
  • Oil In-7
  • Oil In-8
  • Oil In-9
  • Oil In-10
  • Oil In-11
  • Oil In-12
  • Oil In-13
  • Oil In-14
  • Oil In-15
  • Oil In-16
  • Oil In-17
  • Oil In-18
  • Oil In-19
  • Oil In-20
  • Oil In-21
  • Oil In-22
  • Oil Out-1
  • Oil Out-2
  • Oil Out-3
  • Oil Out-4
  • Oil Out-5
  • Oil Out-6
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  • Type: Softcover  Notebooks
  • PVC rubber cover
  • For: students/ white collar
  • Style: small resh/creative/trendy
  • Available in type Oil in/Oil out
  • type Oil in  includes:Oil in the cover, including flash film
  • type Oil out  includes:notebook cover containing feathers
  • 1 PC For 1 PAC

Oil in-1, Oil in-2, Oil in-3, Oil in-4, Oil in-5, Oil in-6, Oil in-7, Oil in-8, Oil in-9, Oil in-10, Oil in-11, Oil in-12, Oil in-13, Oil in-14, Oil in-15, Oil in-16, Oil in-17, Oil in-18, Oil in-19, Oil in-20, Oil in-21, Oil in-22, Oil out-1, Oil out-2, Oil out-3, Oil out-4, Oil out-5, Oil out-6