various cover design A5/B5 students softcover notebooks- set of 5


simple removable replacement wired notebook

Softlight pink a5Softlight blue a5Softlight solid a5Softlight yellow a5Softlight pink b5Softlight blue b5Softlight solid b5Softlight yellow b5Softlight blue a4Softlight solid a4Softlight pink a4Softlight yellow a4Lightcolor blue a5Lightcolor yellow a5Lightcolor pink a5Lightcolor solid a5Lightcolor blue b5Lightcolor pink b5Lightcolor yellow b5Lightcolor solid b5Lightcolor blue a4Lightcolor yellow a4Lightcolor solid a4Lightcolor pink a4Lattice yellow-purple a5Lattice blue-red a5Lattice grey a5Lattice blue-green a5Lattice yellow-purple b5Lattice grey b5Lattice blue-green b5Lattice blue-red b5

natural scenery colorful loose-leaf a set of 2 notebooks